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Single Fiber BOSA Bi-Di Module


  • This is assembled in optical emitter, optical receiver, adjusting ring and optical filter footprint.  Used for peer to peer boardband access system.



  • Fiber RF transmission
  • Peer to peer communication
  • Analog transmission
  • CATV transmission
  • GSM/CDMA transmission


Wavelength (nm)

Fiber Optical Device

Ooperation Current (mA)

Output Power (mW)

Working Temperature (°C)

Interface LC

Link Rate (Mb/Gb/s)

Sensitivity (dBm)

1310/1550 FP/PIN TIA 0.4~1.0 LC 1.25Gbit/s -27
1550/1310 DFB/PIN TIA 0.4~1.0 LC 2.5Gbit/s -22
1100~1600 PIN 10 -40~+85 SC/APC 2.5GHz
1100~1600 PIN 10 -40~+85 SC/APC 1.5GHz