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  • CWDM system
  • LAN
  • Fiber CATV System
  • Telecom, communication, Network system


  • Low insertion loss
  • High isolation
  • High stability and reliability
  • Broadband transmission


Performance Index


Performance Index

Channels 2CH 4CH 8CH 16CH
Center Wavelength ITU-T Grid
Bandwidth@0.5dB ≥14nm
The Reflection Insertion Loss λITU±6.5dB
Typical Insertion Loss 1.4dB 1.6dB 1.8dB 4.3dB
Max Insertion Loss 1.8dB 2.0dB 2.5dB 5.0dB
Passband Flatness ≤0.3dB
Adjacent Channel Isolation ≥30dB
Unadjacent Channel Isolation ≥45dB
Return Loss ≥45dB
Polarization Loss ≤0.10dB ≤0.15dB ≤0.20dB ≤0.25dB
Directional ≥50

*Note: Connector Loss is not included